All to often, I, like many other health care professionals, 'skim over' good articles that have great ideas.  This 'skimming' reflects the exact pressure of clinicians and their office staff.  That is the perception, that they're 'too busy' or 'slammed' (I hate the later term).  In an effort to 'Git 'R Done', that is clearing your task list, we efficiently and quickly do things that end up being all too superficial.  That is, these efforts don't "STICK".  Please read on...

I had occasion to go back to my Evernote notebooks (a great way of keeping track of 'stuff' - and re-read the 2013 American Board of Family Medicine article, "In Search of Joy in Practice: A report of 23 High-Functioning Primary Care Practices" by Christine A Sinsky, MD,

Read this article when you have a cup of coffee and a precious few minutes to really think about what these 23 practices do to enjoy doing what they do!  For some of you, this may be an article which reminds you of your practice in what you do.  For others, I hope, this action may be a 'tipping point' to really make the leap of change. 

Upon further reflection of this article, I noted that many practices in our practice based research network have been doing many of these innovations for some time. PPRNET (Primary care Practice Research NETwork - is the research network with whom we participate.   Some of the ground breaking process related research done by PPRNET has confirmed some of the innovations noted in the article.  If you are not a member, by all means, CONSIDER JOINING!  PPRNET participation can give additional joy and fulfillment in practice by being part of an organization that makes a difference.

If you haven't done it, print out this article and give it to your managers and colleagues.  Ask them to note what you are doing and circle those innovations which your practice can implement.  Take the time and have a meeting and then follow the PDSA (Plan-Do-Study-Act) cycle of lean improvement!

Besides the article, there are two websites below which can also give you further information.  One is the video series on "Finding Joy in Primary Care" (ABIM Foundation) and the "Safety Ned Medical Home Initiative".  I hope you find these resources to be "just what the doctor ordered" to enjoying medical care again!



Link to the article: "In Search of Joy in Practice..." by Sinsky,

Finding Joy in Primary Care (Four video series)

Safey Ned Medical Home Initiative (with a lot of resources for clinicians and staff)

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