Driven by the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, the Department of Health and Human Services requested that National Quality Forum (NQF) convert, or “retool,” 113 NQF-endorsed measures from a paper-based format to an electronic "eMeasure" format.   These retooled measures were released this week.

NQF has updated and submitted the full set of 113 eMeasures to HHS. The updates were based on recommendations from the eMeasure Format Review Panel, HHS contractors, public comments, and guidance and input from the measure stewards. NQF would like to thank all of those who submitted comments during the Public Commenting Period.

The history here is like the commercial "When EF Hutton speaks...."   -- so when NQF comes out with measures, HHS listens.  Above is the link for these measures.  Hopefully, and proactively, 'we' (McKesson, the end-users and possibly PPRNET) can develop ways to input these measures easily for later extraction and easy reporting.  Of course, what always comes to mind are the CLINICAL ELEMENTS and all the abilities these discrete data points can offer (especially if developed further).



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