Navigating the reimbursement landscape in 2016 will be an important time for many practices.  Our practice would be considered a small independent practice like many of you.   Regardless of the size or type of your practice, some of the decisions that we will be making in the next year or two will define where we are in 2019 when MARCA* goes into effect.

Attached is a pretty general article from Medical Economics which explains some of these challenges and some of the places that practices will need to consider heading towards.  There are some who woud tell you to just "SAY NO!".  Refusing to learn how to develop programs within your practice to deliver improved quality not only hampers your ability to increase quality for your patients but also to maximize reimbursements that are available this year and in the future.

I hope this article helps you frame conversations you'll have with your partners, staff or colleagues outside of your practice.

Here is the link: Navigating 2016's Reimbursement Challenges



*MARCA = Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act

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