Webview, the patient portal for McKesson Practice Partner, is about patient empowerment.  Portals, when linked to an EHR, give both the patient and clinician the tools to not only empower the patient but ultimately to have the patient help drive quality.  After all, it should be a team effort.

Giving patients on-demand access to their own health information encourages them to take greater responsibility for their own care, according to Ted Wymyslo, MD, a family physician who also serves as the director of the Ohio Department of Health.  He is featured in the video below.   He effectively debunks much of the fears many clinicians have regarding intrusions of patients into office process.  In fact, efficiencies can be gained with the use of a web portal.

"It's taking that disjointed, disconnected, fragmented way of doing care that used to be centered around the visit and turning it into an every-day interface with patients," Wymyslo said in an interview with Medical Economics (creator of the video). “That’s what gives them a real sense of control."

Increasingly in demand from patients, portals also hold the potential to solve two of the biggest problems plaguing healthcare in the United States – access and cost – by cutting down on office visits.   As we move from quantity of care to quality of care, empowering the patient by using portals will be one of the mechanisms to improve quality.

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