The Arch Collaborative (by KLAS Research), in an effort to stem the tide of EMR-related clinician burnout, brings together organizations from community facilities to large IDNs under a standardized user-satisfaction survey. Data collected from end-users helps to benchmark, share best practices and highlight successful culture in hospitals and clinics.   Here is a sample of some of the organizations who participated:


We, of the EMR Village, were the only group of end-users from outpatient clinics from across the U.S. who participated in this survey.  Others were large hospital systems or clinics under one corporate entity.   So... as usual we are unique.  Some would say we are more uniquely qualified because so many different implementations of a very user-configurable EMR are represented in one group!


WE should be indebted to KLAS Research for compiling this data from all the survey results.


Without further ado, the three reports are as follows:



The reports, in a more unfinished form will be available in the file sharing section of the EMR Village (search "KLAS").


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