Rick Herrington, MD, FAAFP

A true servant to those around him



Dr. Herrington arrived in Carbondale, Colorado in 1975, just out of residency.  He was recruited by a group of concerned citizens from that community. He was so excited to be in this small Colorado town that he donned cross country skis and took a night tour of the town. The town reciprocated the feeling of joy and embraced its new doctor.True to any small town, when the clinic opened under Dr. Herrington, more townspeople came in to ``check the doctor out'' than because of illness. Dr. Herrington's staff included himself and a handful of volunteers to keep the clinic running. After two years of running the clinic as the only doctor, his wife, Sherry, told him that he had to find a partner or a new wife. In 1978 Dr. Gary Knaus became Dr. Herrington's partner. Roaring Fork Family Physicians would not have ever been without Rick.  Today, the clinic is still serving the community with as much dedication as it did when it opened in 1975. The community of Carbondale will forever be grateful to a young man from Nebraska who came to help out a small town.  He retired on January 16, 2016 after over 40 years of service to his community.  Not many physicians can say that. 

More importantly to us, Rick has been a dedicated and helpful friend and colleague to many in the Practice Partner and PPRNET community for well over 20 years.  He was there for the first user group meeting in Seattle and the first advisory group meeting for PPRNET in June 1995.  Whether it was listening to or interacting with a user who was frustrated, he would always offer postive advice from his long experience as a clinician and Practice Partner user.  It was not uncommon to see Rick off speaking with someone to offer them encouragement to 'press on'.  I, too, have benefited from Rick's sage advice and am honored to call him a friend.

Please go to the group card link below to offer your thoughs and thanks to Rick.  Our best to he and his wife Sherry as the enter a new phase of their lives.  I know that Rick will, from time to time, check in on us and continue to give us all encouragement on our individual journeys.  Please wish him well.


Link to the group card

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