I have been receiving A LOT of email queries about IMH and Webview.  By letting me explain this further, I hope I can help answer many of the questions you have had (and BTW, save me just a few emails Cool).  I was excited to see how so many of you got this€™ when some of this was shown in Dallas last week.  Also, I hope to give you ideas on another very useful and efficient process. Again, I want to thank each of you for your ideas and thoughts that has helped bring these ideas to fruition.

I realize that some of you have not even gotten to a point of considering or using Instant Medical History or Webview (the Patient Webportal).  However, as will be shown, the tipping point€™ for you will hopefully be lowered.  By combining some of these features with McKesson Practice Partner Patient Records (or Lytec Medical or Medisoft), you will really be utilizing your EMR for the efficiencies it was developed for.

As part of the follow-up of IMH, Messages, Webview talk with the coffee clache at the MIX Conference in Dallas and the follow-on for the Patient Centered Medical Home:

Did you know there are satisfaction surveys that are pre-configured with Instant Medical History?

Further, McKesson Practice Partner (to my knowledge) is the only EMR that has secure messaging and IMH hyperlink push capability.  This was previously an untested and unknown feature capability. Let'€™s discuss this more.

As mentioned in the coffee clache, secure messaging will help you with stage 2 of meaningful use!

One of the œnew Stage 2 Core Objectives: Use secure electronic messaging to communicate with patients on relevant health information (for EPs only)€[from the CMS website].

Messaging has been discussed elsewhere and along with Webview, lets you use this feature for so many other process efficiencies.


In what follows,  you can meet this core measure and use of IMH to fulfill your need to get questionnaires done PRIOR to the office visit.  Let’s get down to business…

As discussed in the coffee clache at the MIX conference, you can put hyperlinks to your practice’s questionnaires in message templates.  This was an unknown but now pretty well tested feature (at Skyline FP).  The powerpoint presentation was shown at the MIX Conference during the coffee clache.  Go to the File Sharing part of the EMR village for the Powerpoint on Messaging/IMH/Webview for ideas/screenshots.


Drill down location:

Documents / _14 - User Group Meeting - Powerpoints Other / MIX Conference - Dallas - Nov 2012 / Updated and-or New Presentations & Materials

Once your patient is signed up for Webview, and if you are using Instant Medical History, you can then send any of the IMH web based questionnaires to the patient via the secure messaging feature within the webportal product known as Webview.



In the example of a message template below, three things are featured:

1. Conditional logic that will either use the FIRST NAME or PATIENT GREETING (usually their preferred name/nickname).  The PAT_GREETING letter code is new and in version 9.5.2 SP2.

2. The two hyperlinks for Satisfaction surveys that would be filled out on the secure IMH server then sent your server securely in your office.

3. The <<*USE THIS ONE*>> is a Quicktext that will put a period after the <>. The carriage return trick doesn’t work in message templates (as recently discussed on the PPUDLISTSERV).  The other questionnaire is ‘stripped out of the message that goes to the INBOX of the Patient'€™s Webportal (if you don'€™t click on <<*USE THIS ONE*>>).

Survey Template


The above message template (with instructions is on the EMR Village - in file sharing in the folder below:

Documents / 2 - Templates, QText, Clinical Elements and Conditional Logic / Message Templates

I showed how IMH is presented to the patient but here is one screen shot of one question served to the patient from the satisfaction survey (prior visit) [from above]:


IMH for survey

The survey, once completed, can be securely delivered to a folder on your server for retrieval (like all the other IMH questionnaires).  This is how we have it setup (there are other options beyond the scope of this article).

Beside the above efficiencies, if you are a practice seeking PCMH certification, your ability to survey your patients on patient satisfaction is key.  In any other industry, surveying your ‘customers’ (a.k.a. patients) is a important need to be successful.  However, to also drive quality in the office, it is critical.

Below are some excerpts out of the NCQA standards for the PCMH regarding patient surveys.







So, by getting the patient to fill out the satisfaction survey in the privacy of their own home, you may even get better results than if administered in your office. Also, as experienced clinicians and staff know, sometimes another good view of how you are doing is by surveying those patient who are leaving your practice for various reasons.  The process above will increase your ease of €˜pushing™ these survey €˜instruments€™ out to your patients.

Finally,  I have noted over the past 2-3 years, some have been very cynical about all the changes that are occurring in healthcare.  However, as hopefully shown, you can use a convergence of technology to "€˜kill many birds with one stone"€™ and, in so doing, remain ahead of the curve.  You are, in essence, staying ahead of that cynicism and focusing positively forward!


I am aware that some of you may be using Practice Partner that is "€œlocked down"€ on a health system server and doesn'€™t fully utilize many of the features that make Practice Partner one of the best EMR'€™s (bar none) out there.  Perhaps you can forward this email to your IT committee for further discussion.  It doesn't make sense to ever "€œbridle"€ such innovations for the sake of unnecessary administrative control.  This is especially true with all of the healthcare initiatives that are here or will shortly be on all of our doorsteps.  Although there are federal initiatives to converge the national programs to help ease the administrative burdens for practices, it never hurts to pre-empt the government!

I have made a video about this stuff on the EMR village.  There is an article on the EMR village featuring IMH and tablets (and in particular Kindle Fires).

Don'€™t forget about the new sections on the EMR village for Meaningful Use and the Patient Centered Medical Home.


My best,



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