Understanding this entire process of developing meaningful use measures has been a real educational experience.  I am hoping that by providing the EMR village community with this information (as best as I can portray it), we can develop processes to meet the requirements for meaningful use both efficiently and effectively.  Obviously, this will require collaboration (I hope) with McKesson Practice Partner, PPRNET and the end-users.  Developing the software with the help of a clinically oriented CMO and input from the users will be critical.  This "expeditionary force" (if you will) will need to be able to move fast and effectively.  From my vantage point, the clinical elements feature set in Patient Records will be the platform within the software to quickly develop the measures for clinicians to effectively extract and report them.  So.... let''s get on with what''s been happening and what will happen.


Today (Feb 18, 2011), I just finished with a teleconference with over 100 participants (at least invited) revolving around the Quality Measures Workgroup Tiger Team Recommendations.  The HIT Policy Committee formed the Quality Measures Workgroup to recommend new clinical quality measures to leverage the evolving health IT infrastructure. The Workgroup is tasked with providing initial recommendations on the quality measure prioritization and convergence process for Stage 2 and Stage 3 Meaningful Use. In October 2010, The Workgroup was divided into five Tiger Teams to focus on the following measure domain areas: Patient and Family Engagement, Clinical Appropriateness/Efficiency, Care Coordination, Patient Safety, and Population and Public Health.

The tiger team I was on, and am still, involved with was the Patient Safety Tiger Team.  Included with this article entry is the working document which will be submitted (perhaps with some minor changes after today''s teleconference) to the HIT Policy Committee in March.

Next Steps with ONC-HIT:
• Recommendation given to HIT Policy Committee on March 2nd  in a public meeting
• Recommendations will inform HIT Standards Committee Quality Workgroup on standards and vocabulary
• Recommendations will inform ONC on measure selection and development process for Stage 2 and Stage 3 Meaningful Use
• Then these measures will be put out for Request For Proposal – this will be the stage where EHR companies will give feedback and where end-users will hopefully be included as a voice from MPP before the final measures are "set in stone".

Then the final measures will be set for EHR companies to develop and, more importantly, for clinicians to use. That process for each office/clinic will be less painful if you have gone into this with "eyes wide open".  More importantly, this collaboration and then implementation, if viewed appropriately, can be the source of rich satisfaction knowing that our patients are getting ever more  comprehensive and personalized care.\r\n
Download the document to see what was presented at the April 2011 meeting:

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