Example of a telehealth visit

Oft times, we will take care of patients via phone or portal message and don't utilize technology to the fullest.  Using telehealth visits for initial care or follow-up care allows for a more personalized visit which is convenient for the patient.  In effect, you are offering augmented care with increased access.

Below is a good example. This was was a recent Saturday visit (our brick and mortar office is closed on weekends) with a patient whose initial mild cellulitis had progressed.  As a result of the communication during this visit and further history, this was probably a limited envenomation by a spider with some mild associated periorbital cellulitis.

Our office is in a 'parity' state (Virginia).  This means (for the purposes of insurance reimbursement), we can charge for the telehealth visit and get reimbursed for it.  We add the GT modifier which is also used by Medicare for telehealth visits.

Not every encounter is destined to be or should be a telehealth visit. But, many visits, like this follow-up visit (initiated by a change in clinical course), are perfect for patients in your practice. For more information, please see other resources on the EMR Village for telehealth - i.e. Document Manage System [a.k.a. file sharing].

The ability to deliver care beyond the confines of your office improves care and your bottom line.



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Telehealth Platform - VSee

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