This village is for all of the folks associated in some way with Practice Partner McKesson.  You may be an end-user (clinician, nurse, staff or administrator), a value-added reseller, a service provider or an employee of McKesson.  Additonally, this will be a place PPRNET (Practice Partner Research Network) may interact with the user database. PPRNET is a unique and pioneering concept in practice-based quality improvement and research.

It takes a village to make it happen and you are a part of this very important endeavor.

Support for this site is based on some help you can provide.  The value you take away will be much more than the nominal investment you will be asked to give.  Thank you!

We welcome comments on this part of the Practice Partner User Database website.  If you like a feature (or not), let us know by emailng us.  There is always room for improvement!


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