The idea started at Westshore Family Practice.  They wanted to have a catchy phrase to energize their staff to help with getting patients get Health Maintenance items done.  They came up with the phrase "GET THE RED OUT".  Thanks to Kristen Brown, MD and Mike Banka, MD., many practices started using the phrase!

Then a poster was developed by Skyline Family Practice (and is on the file sharing part of this site in the "PPRNET" folder).  Many practices starting using the poster on walls or on their screensavers in the rooms.

Now, you can buy the stickers (at cost) either in the 1.5" stickers (about the size of "I voted" stickers) or the 3" stickers (about the size of the kid stickers - some adults like these!). We tell the patients they need to wear them at least the rest of the day as proud reminders of their accomplishment and also for another reason...

In our community, these stickers have reminded others to get to their clinicians to follow-through on colonoscopies, etc. We've had patients report about their friends and acquaitenances who have reflected to them the health maintenance they needed to do after they saw the stickers.

Get the stickers for your office today!

Links to both stickers

1.5 inch stickers

3.0 inch stickers      

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