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FASText is a very fast full text search utility for snippets of text, QuickText items (preserving all label functionality), full progress notes (including formatting), etc.  It integrates well with Practice Partner McKesson and may be called from within the program. It seamlessly pastes retrieved items into your progress notes, letters, prescriptions, etc.  FASText and QuickText may be used simultaneously. It now offers increased functionality with Zetafax (by Equisys) with embedded faxing commands for documents (including prescriptions). It now has the QR code and web search engine capability you've heard about.

The use of QR codes in medical care has drastically changed the landscape of delivery of care due to the explosion of use of smart phones which have QR code readers as applications on those phones.  To see a video on QR codes and how FASText is used in the medical office, go to the YouTube video on Uses of QR Codes in the Medical Office.  Alternatively, you can scan the QR code below with your smart phone (created with FASText) to go to the YouTube video.

Use of QR codes in the Medical office

Although FASText was originally designed to work with McKesson Practice Partner, it can virtually work with ANY program that uses word processing in any business or profession!  FASText will make your work day more efficient with or without an EMR.   NOW AVAILABLE as VERSION 3.0.3!

Click here for more information on the unique features of FASText.

FASText Logo Click on the logo or here to download your free trailware version of FASTextTM 3.0.3 today!


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