PedDrugDose is an application designed specifically to help clinicians deliver care of children at the bedside or in the exam room easily using their mobile device (smartphone or tablet).

In testing done, PedDrugDose was faster and easier to use than other apps that are used for pediatric liquid medication dosing.  Over 4 million dosing errors per year occur with pediatric patients, making this a vital APP for you to use.  PedDrugDose easily calculates the appropriate dose using weight either in pounds or kilograms.


The online version of PedDrugDose has been used in over 57 countries and now this useful program has been developed for both the iPhone and Android phones (and tablets).

Go to iTunes or Google Play today and start using this program to better care for your pediatric patients!

As one clinician stated, "This has been the most useful program I've downloaded in some time and the ease of use beats other dosing programs, HANDS down!"

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